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Tools Available:

Encoders / Decoders

URI Encoder

Encodes and decodes data to be used in a URI by percent-encoding according to the URI/URL specs defined in RFC3986 and RC1738.

Base64 Encoder

This encoder will generate data-uris for javascript, html, css, or image files. Otherwise it will base64 encode the given data and return the raw base64 encoded string.

Base32 Encoder

Base32 encode a given file.


Universal Document Converter

Powered by pandoc, this converter will convert between a large variety of different document types, see the documentation on the page for the the types of documents it can handle.


Upload a file containing JSON to have it converted to YAML.


Rot13 Encrpter and Decrypter

Apply the Rot13 ciphers to a given piece of text. An interesting property of Rot13 is that it is it's own inverse. Encrypting and decrypting are the same function, thus this tool will both encrypt plain text and decrypt rot13 text.


Javascript Minifier

Minify, mangle, and compress Javascript files. Backed by UglifyJS2.

CSS Minifier

Minify CSS with clean-css.

HTML Minifier

Minify HTML with html-minifier.


Less Compiler

Compile LESS files to CSS.

Sass Compiler

Compile Sass files to CSS.

CoffeeScript Compiler

Compile CoffeeScript files to Javascript.

TypeScript Compiler

Compile TypeScript files to Javascript.

LiveScript Compiler

Compile LiveScript files to Javascript.

Iced CoffeeScript Compiler

Compile Iced CoffeeScript files to Javascript.

ES6 Compiler

Compile ES6 files to ES5.

JSX Compiler

Compile Javascript containing JSX to plain Javascript.

Flowtype Compiler

Compile Javascript containing Flow type annotations to plain Javascript.

Opal Compiler

Comile Ruby to Javascript using the Opal

Message Digest Algorithms

Quickly get the MD5 hash of a given string.

MD5 Encryption

The SHA2 family of cryptographic hash functions.

SHA256 Encryption

SHA224 Encryption

SHA256 Encryption

SHA384 Encryption

SHA512 Encryption

Adler-32 Checksum Algorithm

Adler32 Hash

CRC-32 Checksum Algorithm

CRC32 Hash