Base32 Encoder

How do I base32 encode my files?

Drag your files into the upload box above to base32 encode them.

What is Base32 Encoding

While base64 encoding is more popular, base32 encoding is a similar process, but limited to 32 characters. It takes arbitrary data and encodes it into the base32 alphabet as defined in RFC 4686

Advantages of Base32 over Base64

Why use Base32 over it’s more popular cousin Base64? There are a few advantages of Base32

  • The result of a base32 encoding is safe to use in a URL without any encoding any special characters.
  • The Base32 character set is in a single case, which makes it easier to remember and safe to use on filesystems that are case-insensitive.
  • The results are safe to use in filenames because they can’t contain ‘/'.

Disadvantages of Base32 compared to Base64

  • Base32 encoded date is generally about 20% larger than Base64 encoded data