LESS Compiler

What is this?

A compiler for the Less CSS pre-processor. Drag and drop files containing Less into the box above to have them compiled to CSS.

What is Less

Less is a CSS pre-processor, much like Sass, which adds variables, functions, nested-rules, and other features to CSS in order to reduce boilerplate and repetition. If you’re not using one of these tools, you’d likely be much happier if you adopted one. Less vs Sass is a popular battle, but the differences are fairly minimal. I find Less more intuitive but they’re both pretty simple. Bootstrap is written in Less which I also find convenient, but there is a Sass port available. The Compass library for Sass is powerful and popular, but it can be tedious to get started with if you don’t already have a Ruby environment set up.

If you don’t see a clear choice, just pick one and dive in, they’re both huge improvements over plain CSS.